Production of Jew's harps - Milos Sesulka

The jew’s harp is a musical instrument which is held against the teeth and can be plucked or struck with the fingers or thumb. It is found in many cultures around the world and has a very long history.

There are many names for this instrument of which these are a few of the better known: jew’s harp, jaw-harp, trump, maultrommel, guimbarde, marranzano, munnharp, doromb, drumba, vargan, khomus, parmupill, brumle.

Although our company started to produce its own instruments in 2011, our experience in making the jew’s harp goes further back, thanks to our great friend and teacher Josef Jofen and his wife Gertraud. Josef’s family is famous as Austrian manufacturers of the metal framed “maultrommel” and in the late 90’s we were privileged to begin participating in the manufacture of the Jofen’s “Jakutische” and “Rabacher” jew’s harps.

We wish to extend the tradition of producing the Jofen's Jakutic and Rabach jew’s harps, therefore we are committed to making and selling only hand-made, top quality instruments.

We are located in Ivancice near the city of Brno in the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe.